We have established the most advanced culture and differentiation methods of human neural stem cell and neurons, by separating human ROsette Derived Neural Aggregates (RONA) to obtain high purity of neural stem cells. Our study using this method has been published on Science Translational Medicine, and reported by Scientific American, EurekAlert and other media.

Based on this technology, we can:

⊙ Stably produce billions of pure human neural stem cells by one-time differentiation;

Stably produce multiple types of high quality human neurons by manipulating induction conditions;

Produce 2D human cortical neuron cultures and 3D mini brains that resemble the components of human brains;

Establish balanced excitatory and inhibitory cortical networks, including PV and nNOS interneurons that are critical in autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease pathologies.