Human 3D Cerebral Organoids
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Product Introduction

HopCellTM Human 3D Cerebral Organoids are derived from human iPSC. These organoids are homologous in size, shape, cell compositions and structures, and can be cultured up to years. At 90 days of culture, the cortical layer markers such as REELIN, CUX1, BRN2, SATB2, CTIP2, TBR1 can be detected, resembling the composition of the human cortex. HopCellTM Human 3D Cerebral Organoids can be used for disease modeling, drug screening, etc.

Phase Images of Human 3D Cerebral Organoids at different stages

Day 30 Day 50 Day 90

* Organoids at day 30 and 60 are suitable for human cortical development and/or neuronal migration study et al.;

* Organoids at or beyond day 90 are suitable for more mature studies (even with electrophysiology properties);

* Model brain tumor formation by genetically engineering of cerebral organoids.

Functional Human 3D cerebral organoids - assay ready in 96 or 384 well plates

* Each comparable in size, shape, cell compositions and cortical layer structures;

* Naturally developped neuronal and glia subtypes mimicking the cortex composition;

* Exhibit maturation features found in vivo including functional NMDAR;

* Ready for high content imaging, calcium oscillation study and neurotoxicity test;

* Can provide advanced version with microglia invaded organoids upon request.