Hopstem is developping the first off-shelf human neural progenitor cell product, HopCellTM hNPC-01, as cell replacement therapy for stable stage of ischemic stroke, hemorrhage stroke, traumatic brain injury and other conditions involving dramatic cortical cell loss and impairments of motor and other functions.

HopCellTM hNPC-01 is foxg1 positive (>95%) clinical grade human neural progenitor cells derived from a GMP iPSC line by Hopstem’s 2nd generation of neural differentiation and maturation technology and GMP manufactory process. These neural progenitor cells can survive for a prolonged time, and differentiate into all types of neural and glial cells with similar composition and function to the human cortex, including 6 cortical layer fate neurons, both in vitro and in rodent stroke models after intracranial transplantation. Primary study has shown that the differentiated human neurons can form synapses with rodent neurons, electrophysiologically active and integrate into the circuitry in vivo. These progenitor cells may also release neural trophic and other beneficial factors after transplantation to stabilize or promote the local neural functions and connections. Motor improvement has been observed in rodent stroke models received human neural progenitor cell transplantation comparing to the saline control group.

More efficacy and safety animal studies for treatment of stroke will be done in 2020 to enable a clinical trial application. We believe that functional cell replacement is going to bring real impact on the life qualities of stroke, TBI and many other patients suffering from the long-term disability and inconvenience. And we are working towards it, step by step!