Great Guest From Afar, Happiness As We Are. Member of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, Professor

release time:2020-06-23

December 7, 2017, Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ushered it’s respectful guest, Dr. Wang Yutian, the Member of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, an internationally renowned neurobiologist, who is also a senior science advisor of Hopstem Biotechnology. Dr. Wang was one of Dr. Fan Jing’s PhD supervisors when she was studying in Canada. Mr. Wang Yutian took the opportunity of his visit to China and made a special trip to Hopstem to inspect and advice on Hopstem’s scientific progress. Dr. Fan Jing, the CEO of Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd., gave warm welcome to this heavyweight advisor. They enjoyed a pleasant information exchange were well rewarded from the communication.